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Dental Implants

For individuals that have suffered the unfortunate loss of a tooth (often due to injury or periodontal disease), dental implants are becoming an increasingly attractive option.

Emergency Dentistry

If you encounter a dental emergency, contact Centre West Dental immediately and one of our representatives will schedule you with the earliest available appointment.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Adult teeth, over time, can often become darker or off-coloured, as a result of enamel becoming less porous, staining (due to food or tobacco) or changes to the mineral composition...

Welcome to Centre West Dental

Centre West Dental’s experienced and courteous professionals deliver a full spectrum of dental services, ranging from routine care to complex cases requiring the latest oral surgery, bone modification and augmentation techniques.

Why people choose Centre West?

Our modern cosmetic dentistry services include teeth whitening, veneers, crowns, bridges and dental implants to keep you looking and feeling your best.

At Centre West, our goal is to ensure that each patient receives a personalized treatment plan suited to their needs and circumstances. We only employ modern techniques, equipment and materials to ensure that every one of your visits is as comfortable as possible.


“It’s hard to imagine, but ever since my first visit to Centre West Dental, I’ve actually started to enjoy going to the dentist. The staff are always kind, curtious and professional and I feel trully lucky to be the beneficiary of their superior service and expertise.”

Monica B.

“For as long as I can remember, I’ve felt self-conscious about my teeth. So much so, in fact, that I even refused to smile in photographs for fear that people would notice my imperfections. But then a friend put me in touch with the great people at Centre West Dental. After a few painfree procedures I could already see the results and they were fantastic! Thanks!”

Alex V.

“At Centre West Dental, they turn dentistry into an art form. I whole-heartedly recommend them.”

Alison P.

In the lead-up to our wedding, my fiancee and I decided that we wanted some wedding photos to remember. We contacted Centre West Dental about their teeth whitening services and they were very accommodating. The procedures were surprisingly cost effective and the results were amazing.”

Julia K.

“Some dental clinics try to sell you on all sorts of procedures that you don’t really need. At Centre West Dental, I’ve never felt such pressure. They always make me feel as though I’m part of the discussion and the final decision has always been mine. Thank you Centre West Dental, for the respect that you show to your patients.”

Igor P.

“Thanks to Dr. Levitin and the team at Centre West Dental, I no longer fear going to the dentist. Everyone was very helpful, informative and sensitive to my concerns. I’ve never felt so at ease in a dentist’s chair.”

Peter K.

“I originally visited Centre West Dental for a routine check-up. While there, however, I learned so much about how I could improve my smile. I decided to make the investment and it was worth it! For the first time, I am incredibly proud of my beautiful set of teeth and I have the great people at Centre West Dental to thank!”

Anna S.

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